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15CompTIA A+ Certification Exam: Core 2220-1102220-1002 dumps

A technician is installing a new business application on a user’s desktop computer. The machine is running Windows 10 Enterprise 32-bit operating system.

Which of the following files should the technician execute in order to complete the installation?

A. Installer_x64.exe

B. Installer_Files.zip

C. Installer_32.msi

D. Installer_x86.exe

E. Installer_Win10Enterprise.dmg

Correct Answer: D


A technician has been tasked with using the fastest and most secure method of logging in to laptops. Which of the following log-in options meets these requirements?


B. Username and password


D. Fingerprint

Correct Answer: A


Which of the following provides the BEST way to secure physical access to a data cento server room? (Select TWO).

A. Biometric lock

B. Badge reader

C. USB token

D. Video surveillance

E. Locking rack

F. Access control vestibule

Correct Answer: EF


A technician just completed a Windows 10 installation on a PC that has a total of 16GB of RAM. The technician notices the Windows OS has only 4GB of RAM available for use.

Which of the following explains why the OS can only access 46B of RAM?

A. The UEFI settings need to be changed.

B. The RAM has compatibility issues with Windows 10.

C. Some of the RAM is defective.

D. The newly installed OS is x86.

Correct Answer: D


A user calls the help desk to report potential malware on a computer. The anomalous activity began after the user clicked a link to a free gift card in a recent email The technician asks the user to describe any unusual activity, such as slow performance, excessive pop-ups, and browser redirections.

Which of the following should the technician do NEXT?

A. Advise the user to run a complete system scan using the OS anti-malware application

B. Guide the user to reboot the machine into safe mode and verify whether the anomalous activities are still present

C. Have the user check for recently installed applications and outline those installed since the link in the email was clicked

D. Instruct the user to disconnect the Ethernet connection to the corporate network.

Correct Answer: D


The first thing you want to do is quarantine/disconnect the affected system from the network so that malicious software doesn’t spread.


A user reports a PC is running slowly. The technician suspects it has a badly fragmented hard drive. Which of the following tools should the technician use?

A. resmon exe

B. msconfig.extf

C. dfrgui exe

D. msmfo32.exe

Correct Answer: C


A call center technician receives a call from a user asking how to update Windows Which of the following describes what the technician should do?

A. Have the user consider using an iPad if the user is unable to complete updates

B. Have the user text the user’s password to the technician.

C. Ask the user to click in the Search field, type Check for Updates, and then press the Enter key

D. Advise the user to wait for an upcoming, automatic patch

Correct Answer: C


Which of the following is a proprietary Cisco AAA protocol?





Correct Answer: D


Which of the following could be used to implement secure physical access to a data center?

A. Geofence

B. Alarm system

C. Badge reader

D. Motion sensor

Correct Answer: A


A technician has been tasked with installing a workstation that will be used for point-of-sale transactions. The point-of-sale system will process credit cards and loyalty cards.

Which of the following encryption technologies should be used to secure the workstation in case of theft?

A. Data-in-transit encryption

B. File encryption

C. USB drive encryption

D. Disk encryption

Correct Answer: D


A SOHO has had several issues with various unauthorized devices consuming the network’s bandwidth. There are only four network devices that are authorized to access the Internet as well as the local LAN’s resources.

Which of the following security implementations would MOST likely help disable network access to unauthorized devices?

A. Using complex passwords

B. Disabling the use of static IP addresses

C. Disabling ports

D. MAC filtering

Correct Answer: D


Which of the following can be used to help recover a lost smartphone?

A. Remote support software

B. Locator application

C. NFC-enabled device

D. GPS navigation software

Correct Answer: B


An administrator, Ann, wants to be able to access a customer’s router interface from a remote location. Ann always has to have the customer print out the current router settings before she can remotely manage the router.

Which of the following should Ann do to eliminate this extra step before connecting to the router remotely?

A. Change the default user name and password

B. Request a static IP from the ISP

C. Enable the remote management port

D. Enable port forwarding on the router

Correct Answer: B


Which of the following methods of securing mobile devices will prevent data loss due to corruption?

A. Enforce passcode locks

B. Install location monitoring application

C. Perform remote wipe after failed login

D. Perform remote application back-up

Correct Answer: D


A technician needs to ping a client’s machine that the technician is working, to ensure that the network card is functioning correctly. Which of the following IP addresses should be used?





Correct Answer: B

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