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15CompTIA Cloud+ Certification ExamLead4PassMay 5, 2022
New Question 1:

A critical new security update has been released to fix an identified zero-day vulnerability with the SSH server process. Due to its severity, all development and staging servers must have this update applied immediately. Which of the following is the FASTEST way for the administrator to apply the patch and ensure all systems are configured consistently?

A. Shut down all servers and use the server provisioning tools to deploy new ones that have the latest patch applied.

B. Create a master inventory list of servers that must be patched. Log in to each server and deploy the patch, making sure to check off each server on the list.

C. Use the existing tooling to clone the existing servers. Update each clone with the latest patch and shut down the original system.

D. Update the set of configuration management scripts to include the latest patch. Execute these scripts against a master inventory of servers.


Correct Answer: D

New Question 2:


Which of the following would be appropriate when considering inbound access security for a web-based SaaS solution?

A. Antivirus/anti-malware

B. IPSec

C. Firewall

D. Obfuscation


Correct Answer: B

New Question 3:


Due to a competitor\’s unlimited data plan, a service provider is struggling and wants to transform its business services to be more hosting-oriented. A cloud architect is tasked to review current cloud resource capacity and provide recommendations and a plan for better resource utilization. Given the following report:

new cv0-002 dumps questions 3

Which of the following is the BEST option for the architect to suggest?

A. Downsize by migrating all media services to one server and decommissioning two servers.

B. Downsize by decommissioning servers 2 and 3 and reallocating media servers to hosts.

C. Downsize by migrating all media services to one server, adding one host server, and decommissioning one server.

D. Upsize the hosting services by turning server 1 into a host server.


Correct Answer: A

New Question 4:


A consultant is helping a large company migrate its development environment to a public cloud provider. The developers are working on a VDI solution. The development tools that employees utilize require greater control of the OS environment. Which of the following cloud types should the consultant implement?

A. SaaS

B. PaaS

C. Bare metal service

D. IaaS


Correct Answer: D

New Question 5:


Joe, a systems administrator, deployed a computer and storage for a system and took it to the application team. The next day, the application team claimed the database was slow. The deployment request, result, and current utilization data are shown below.

new cv0-002 dumps questions 5

Which of the following descriptions of the situation is correct?

A. The deployment was done with the wrong memory configuration.

B. The deployment was unsuccessful due to cloud failure.

C. The deployment was successful, but the capacity planning was inaccurate.

D. The deployment was done with the wrong storage parameter.


Correct Answer: C

New Question 6:


A company has decided to scale its e-commerce application from its corporate data center to a commercial cloud provider to meet an anticipated increase in demand during an upcoming holiday. The majority of the application load takes place on the application server under normal conditions.

For this reason, the company decides to deploy additional application servers into a commercial cloud provider using the on-premises orchestration engine that installs and configures common software and network configurations.

The remote computing environment is connected to the on-premises data center via a site-to-site IPSec tunnel. The external DNS provider has been configured to use weighted round-robin routing to load balance connections from the Internet.

During testing, the company discovers that only 20% of connections were completed successfully.

Review the network architecture and supporting documents and fulfill these requirements: Identify the correct options to provide adequate configuration for hybrid cloud architecture.


If at any time you would like to bring back the initial state of the simulation, please select the Reset button. When you have completed the simulation, please select the Done button to submit. Once the simulation is submitted, please select the Next button to continue.


new cv0-002 dumps questions 6

new cv0-002 dumps questions 6-1

new cv0-002 dumps questions 6-2

new cv0-002 dumps questions 6-3

Instruction: Only select a maximum of TWO options from the multiple-choice question.

A. Deploy a Replica of the Database Server in the Cloud Provider

B. Update the PSK (Pre-shared key in Router2)

C. Update the A record on the DNS from to

D. Promote deny All to allow All in Firewall1 and Firewall2

E. Change the Address Space on Router2

F. Change the internal IP Address of Router1

G. Reverse the Weight property in the two CNAME records on the DNS

H. Add the Application Server on-premises to the Load Balancer


Correct Answer: BE


New Question 7:


A company upgraded a hosted vulnerability scanner to the latest version, and now tickets are not being created to assign critical vulnerabilities. After confirming the ticketing issue, all the scanning services are confirmed to be running on the VM. Which of the following are the MOST likely cause and best method to fix the issue?

A. There was an IP change to the VM. Make changes to the server properties.

B. The upgrade has a bug Reboot the server and attempts the upgrade again.

C. The vulnerability scanner is on a different subnet. Open the ports, and it will reconnect.

D. There is an application compatibility issue. Roll back to the previous working backup.


Correct Answer: D

New Question 8:


A company is looking for a hardware feature with the least amount of downtime in terms of firmware upgrades. Which of the following features does BEST meet this requirement?

A. In-service upgrades

B. Rolling upgrades

C. Failover upgrades

D. User-mode upgrades


Correct Answer: A


New Question 9:


A company wants to take advantage of cloud benefits while retaining control of and maintaining compliance with all its security policy obligations. Based on the non-functional requirements, which of the following should the company use?

A. Hybrid cloud, as use is restricted to trusted customers

B. IaaS, as the cloud provider has a minimal level of security responsibility

C. PaaS, as the cloud customer has the most security responsibility

D. SaaS, as the cloud provider has less security responsibility


Correct Answer: A


New Question 10:


A cloud service administrator is consuming PaaS services and is performing baseline configuration tests. Which of the following is part of the PaaS consumer\’s responsibility with respect to the baseline confirmation tests?

A. Application versions

B. CPU utilization

C. RAM utilization

D. Operating system versions


Correct Answer: B

New Question 11:


Worldwide users from an organization are experiencing intermittent access to a global cloud application. The cloud provider availability dashboard shows all resource availability has been 100% in the last two weeks. No network outages have been reported. Which of the following should the organization\’s administrator do BEFORE calling the cloud provider?

A. Check the firewall rules on the headquarters site.

B. Restart the application and applicable services.

C. Allow all traffic at the cloud provider side from any private IP address.

D. Evaluate the DNS to ensure all configurations are correct.


Correct Answer: D

New Question 12:


A cloud administrator wants to apply patches in an isolated copy of the production virtual server to assess the impact. Which of the following activities would BEST achieve this objective?

A. Clustering

B. Snapshot

C. Image backup

D. Cloning


Correct Answer: B

New Question 13:


After deploying multiple copies of database servers, data scrambling is started on them to anonymize user data. A few minutes later, the systems administrator receives multiple complaints regarding the performance of other VMs. CPU and memory have been eliminated as possible bottlenecks. Which of the following should be verified NEXT as a possible bottleneck?

A. Storage Array

B. Database drivers

C. Hardware load balancer

D. Internet connection speed


Correct Answer: B

New Question 14:


A customer recently provisioned a new server on the IaaS. The IP address assigned from the pool resolves to another hostname. Some user traffic is being dumped or is causing slowness because of this issue. Which of the following maintenance activities does the provider need to perform to prevent this issue?

A. Use cloud provider tools to remove orphaned resources.

B. Initiate resource reclamation.

C. Run a script to remove stale DNS entries.

D. Update outdated security firewall configurations.


Correct Answer: C

New Question 15:


A company is migrating some of its consumer-facing services to a cloud provider. The company has been getting more customers since its competitors have gone bankrupt. Which of the following actions would BEST meet the company\’s increased resource needs?

A. Increase the company\’s network bandwidth to 10Gbps.

B. Install additional load balancers.

C. Deploy additional web servers to the cloud.

D. Deploy a local database within the company\’s data center.


Correct Answer: B


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